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Austin Healey Sprite Classic Car

Begin production in 1958 Donald Healey Sprite was a low sports car , the existing BMC parts are used over heads of the cars productions remained to ensure low cost. The Austin Healey Sprite would prove to be a great success.

The common name " Austin Frogeye " , the Mark I Sprite, was a great success in the three years of production, with no other car competition on price and performance . As the nickname commonly used suggests, have the characteristic appearance of the brand sprite itself , I had the headlights as " to hold onto the hood of the frog -eye headlights car. Cheap and simple , the hood and fenders of a unit of song I have a simple and wide open, to open the engine. marks the a-series engine 948cc Austin tunable and capable of 43bhp , the A35 gearbox and axles , and had twin SU carburettors . with leaf springs at the front and rear triangles , the Mark I got it suspension from earlier models equipped as the A35 and Moris Minor .

The Mark II saw some cosmetic changes including the famous headlamps moved to the wings , a change of rear bumper , and the introduction of disc brakes at the front. The Mark II is also equipped with a powerful engine of the Morris Minor 1000 and Morris Minor 1100, the displacement of 1098 cc .

If performance-based Mark III Sprite was on doors, windows , and the wind shifts fine lockable convicted. With the Sprite by BMC for Midget, the Sprite Mark III rebadging sold as MG Midget Mark II .

The Mark IV had two main difference , with an increased capacity to 1275cc and a convertible roof instead of the removable roofs from previous versions .

The production of this classic car ended in 1971. Today many of this classic car as " Spridgets " with the classic car enthusiasts community due to the Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget shares the same design and components are known . This makes finding parts relatively easy, since the replaceable parts .

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