Kamis, 26 September 2013

Classic Music : Not Just For The Elderly

Classical music was considered the domain of instrumentalists , composers, musicologists and scholars generally anyone over 40 years too long. But while the majority of young people today would rather listen to the biggest hits of Britney Spears or My Chemical Romance on MTV , the idea that young people are not interested in classical music is not only wrong - it's just not in historical reality rooted . Mozart , who was one of the greatest classical composers of all time, wrote his first symphony at the age of eight years and died at the age of 35 years. Schubert also died when he was 31, while Chopin famous not live beyond the age of 39th In addition, shows the phenomenon of the castrati in classical music in the 1700s that young people are not only interested in classical music over the years - it 's been virtually canonized as part of a tradition of classical music, but lost not forgotten.

Today's orchestras, choirs and opera houses with young singers and musicians , many of which are still packed in their twenties years. In addition, almost all classical musicians , modern successful training from an early age . Charlotte Church may have made headlines in 1998 when she at the age of thirteen , she released her debut album " The voice of an angel " , but traditional during its phenomenal success was not typical in that it was a young musician in the traditional industrial .

The twenty-first century , the likes of Katherine Jenkins and " male soprano " Michael Maniaci , 28 and 29 years , respectively, for headlines around the world for its innovative approach to classical music and her amazing vocal range . Edward Gardner , the new music director of Glyndebourne on Tour ( one of the best opera lights in the UK) , is only 28 , which shows that there is certainly no shortage of young people playing classical music, but it can be heard even fewer young retirees .

But if the institutions of classical music and arts organizations do their best to reduce the age of the average public , classical music is not just about getting more young people - it is also more affordable. Scottish Opera , for example, propose special offers tickets for people under 26 , while many music - specialized bookseller find books and guides that help young classical listeners about the job that you classical music. So while many may complain today about the loss or decline of youth interest in classical music in the world , they just have to watch the concert halls of the country to see where the future lies .

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