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Transcending Myths Classic Car Ownership

Myth 1: Classic cars are expensive.

The honest answer is that they not be too expensive - and owning a classic car is all about how much you can afford.

No one can expect to get a classic Aston Martin for small money, but at the same time a large number of examples of much less rare cars can be picked up, literally, for a few hundred dollars. In the same vein, a decrepit wreck of a Ford Anglia lot cheaper than a fully restored version of roadworthy.

However, the general rule is conventional sedans (eg engine family) with a much competitive price than the Sport versions. Property Triumph Classic is a good example - could be good for up to £ 1000, but clean and tidy Herald sports sedan bought its equivalent, the Spitfire, can easily double the price.

To be honest, it's like buying a new modern car - where the best quality sports models as affordable family are much less expensive cars. But with timers, you can get a lot more fun and certainly more admiring glances. New Daewoo Matiz, or old MGB?

Myth 2: Classic will not run on unleaded gasoline.

Oh yes, they can, but you need counseling. In general, the newer classics with aluminum cylinder heads and valve seats were hardened ok running on unleaded petrol, but its my advice is to check with the experts, such as classic car clubs and other owners.

Very old motors are caused to cars like the Morris Minor battle on a leash and without damage to the motor, but even then it may situation be returned if you are willing to spend a few hundred pounds or more to pay for a ready reprocessed a straight cylinder.

Another option is a liquid fuel additive that you pour into the tank to be filled, but usually avoid strange gadgets or devices they run out, without being to help you. The easiest way is to check with other fans or owners, and let's face it, the Internet has made it incredibly easy.

Myth 3: The insurance premiums are high.

There is no reason to believe that classic car insurance is more expensive than regular car insurance, but you have a better chance to get competitive bids if you want to make use concept. Classic car insurance specialist Direct

Instead of adding to your existing car insurance, or to sell something that does not quite belong to your special vehicles all car owners are able classic and unique insurance packages tailored to fit your vehicle and accurately.

The best thing to do is make sure you speak with a specialist provider of classic car insurance, rather than simply forms rely on the online application. In this manner, all aspects of what you need to cover your policy can cover.

And if you are a member of a classic car club, want to secure business term Direct offers you extra discount on your classic car insurance premium.

Myth 4: I have a lot of tools failed in my classic car.

It all depends on your level of expertise, first car maintenance. If you are not driving around today (and honestly, who does?) With a complete toolbox in the back of the 08 reg BMW Why would you do that, just because you have a car?

If you have good insurance and roadside assistance, can be a serious problem can be quickly edited in the professional world. If you know your way around an engine a bit, then I suggest you get water, oil and antifreeze, and wear a set of wrenches and screwdrivers. This is sufficient to deal with minor problems. And tape is a must. It is tacky as hell, strong and waterproof, so for a quick repair of hoses and vinyl roofs, it is a must-have. Sometimes I think the world should be held together with duct tape!

Oh, and invest in a good wind. Sorry to be negative, but it is important.

Myth 5: British cars are tax

No, they do not. Cars before 1 January 1973 was built for zero road tax to qualify. You are still required to display a preview when you requested the disc into your current insurance and MOT had again. But you have to pay anything.

You can thank the government for the final in January. So that means you may have to pay while your neighbor built the car, 24 hours, is tax free. And remember, that's when the car was built - not registered.

Myth 6: spare parts for classic cars are very expensive.

Again, it depends on the type, common and rare brand and model of the car as desirable in the world of classic cars.

Not surprisingly, there are specialized dealer parts, and in some cases it is easy to re-established on the basis of the design of the original "buy parts. If you are in a club owned a classic car and then a member network with other like-minded people quickly navigate through the minefield parties - it's amazing how true lovers of vintage cars actually stored parts so that they can help other owners - it is also for a small fee.

Again, the Internet comes into play, and it is a fun and useful way to find a product. Many forums and websites where looking for people to find parts and other merchandise.

Myth 7: Classic cars are dangerous.

No, they are not. They were willing and even age does not make them really dangerous! But it is true, of course they are not as well equipped with safety features such as modern cars. In a not too distant past, there were no airbags, ABS and crumple zone - and other lumbar belts are missing!

"King of Volvo's reputation for safety," began in the 1950s, and it took a while to get to the other manufacturers, but good quality classic is always a safe motor while it is in good condition. In total, vintage cars and more importantly (i.e heavier and stronger) than modern. And while they do not fold and absorb the impact energy absorption that modern cars, the cars body is certainly much more difficult.

The owner of the classic car reasonable at the top of their heads, the fact that while the car may be more difficult - the stress and the strain on the driver / passenger in a heavy shunt is much more convenient than a car today. So, to compensate, they are safer to drive - that sufficient braking distance, enjoy the weather and respect speed limits and traffic signs.

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