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Top 10 Tips On How To Find The Best Vintage

Buying your first classic car can be an exciting and fun adventure. But, If you do not know what to look for and look out for the series "cherry" can be a "lemon" quickly. Here are 10 important points to consider before you begin, and during, buy your vintage car.

1. Stay within your budget for the purchase of classic cars! Set a budget you can live your reward. Food prices in store Classic cars are high, and if you buy a fixer-upper, you can force exceed your budget for external work quickly. It makes poor financial sense to spend your antique car restoration the car is worth. Think about how you intend to use the vehicle. It can be found no need, when it comes to be. Every day your car a "state-Show" vehicle for racing vintage cars, definitely buy something with "all original parts" and a "show car" will be in perfect condition inside and out. So be very careful year, model and style of the body that you really want to possess. If you know the model you want, the specific model year production. Convertible bonds are generally more desirable than hardtop.

2. Due diligence. Do your homework! Remember that quality does not necessarily mean that the car is in perfect condition. So a beat up, rusty May '70 Cuda Convertible (see our CUDA renovation by Big Fuel Garage) a bad motor and still worth $ 500,000! Knowing the classic you want, and this "problem" can look the vehicle and see if the problem is solved (e.g many European classics electrical issues to ensure that the parties are in order). Just because the car is often does not mean that it is desirable, ... or valuable. The interior and color, power train options, and many other factors all have a significant impact on the value of a classic car. A thorough research on the Internet, price guides, car shows and car clubs. Many cities have their own little car shows and car clubs that can be both fun and informative. Collectors and dealers who exhibit and sell their cars love "shop" talk all day. * Smile * Talk with experts love this classic car, like all owners to talk about their cars. They are happy to say all the pros and cons of owning a classic. Finally do not forget the good old internet for great resources for vintage car prices and values ??... as a place of big fuel garage!

3. Make sure there is a clear title to the classic car and it's all numbers match! For all original documents for each vehicle and all receipts for the work of the previous owner (s) of concern. If possible, the documentation is important to move to the next when the owner / to determine the current value, and if you decide to sell. Your Classic Car The car is registered to the current provider or Not registered? DMV fees and penalties can be very expensive. Make sure that all the numbers match! IE is the engine of the right engine code is currently in the car? The vehicle identification number (VIN) of the engine size, transmission type, body, etc. The engine and gearbox and undamaged original packaging or encrypted changed? If the current engine is not the one that came straight from the factory, it can devalue the car.

4. Get a report made use of the Internet, the vehicle! What this car is registered to? It makes a difference because if the roads are salted when it snowed, salt causes corrosion and rust that eats metal such as cancer. Obviously, if possible, it is always better in countries with a dry climate, which does not rust or corrosion problem to buy cars. Rust can be repaired, but it must be done by a professional body man with rust repair experience. A vehicle history report over the Internet to ensure that the car is not stolen, and show how many previous owner had the car.

5. Look before you leap! Take your job seriously as a car inspector. If you have a friend with you like a second opinion is very valuable. Always try to see in daylight. Can hide shadows outside the car. Serious deficiencies in the body and paint start checking for visible defects. Systematically with the body of the vehicle when you check the open car doors to see if they collapse. Look carefully at the bottom of each page showing signs of damage. Discover seam gaps between the doors and hood to make sure they are right. While IE Are you able to smooth marble to roll down do? If you do not, the car has probably injury and repair. Pay particular attention to the inside of the door jam area to the sill plate and the rear side panels signs of welding and other repair work to see if the car is "cut". (Clipping it a damaged body panels welded in a car in good condition, and it is advisable to stay away from this type of car repaired. Exterior) Check under the car and look at the rust in the wheel arches. Examine the trunk, well below the rear window that will open the package because they are the most common areas for rust to search. Wait a little rust on an older car, but parts of the floor or welded body parts is never a good thing. Unless repaired by a professional body man, chances are, it will probably rust again.

6. All parts are not created equal! Availability is extremely important. Check the websites (like Big Fuel garage) and source publications (liken Hemmings Engine News) parts for your vehicle. Abundant reproduction products as well as new and original objects, a project to restore a much easier drive. Depending on the age and brand of car repair costs can vary considerably. The most common of the car, the best prices and availability for parts. Create a list of "actions" for yourself before you check for classic cars. IE Make sure the motor is correct. Check for leaks or rusty spots coolant and / or oil, tires and battery charging. Check the wheels and tires. The wheels are original and they are damaged? The tires are worn or new? Check the spare wheel and jack - they are original?

7. The beauty is not only skin deep! Check the inside of the car as the background. Seats and original? All badges and emblems present original and authentic (not reproductions)? Seats and original emblems can be very difficult to replace some of the older vintage. The dashboard and instruments intact, or is it the cut for an aftermarket radio? Check the carpet for water stains, indicate the rusty floor tiles. The coating looks intact? If the nameplate is original or fake? Write so that you can review a list of all the problems later. Cost of securing Many owners spend all their money on the engine, at the expense of the interior. Inserts are hard to find, if you want the best possible condition.

8. Try before you buy! Set a date to display both the seller as your convenience. Your Classic Car The trick is to look at the car quickly, but without (because the car can then be sold) here too eager (IE Can I come to this point?) Or too far in the future. The first step for any driver is to "start your engines!" Most muscle cars want to keep warm, and are hard to start when the engine is cold. Open the cap and pump the gas a few times and turn the key. If the engine does not start within 5 seconds, turn it off, wait for 10 seconds and try again. If it's not the second or third time ... Start Houston, we have a problem. If / when you start the engine, such as his car, if you give it some gas aa? Is it rev smoothly and the instantaneous power as the car responds when you press the brake? Is it slow down smoothly? Go outside and look under the hood to see if the fan runs smoothly and squeak the belt. Ensure that the engine is idling fairly regular basis. now ... Check back for the exhaust tailpipes. Is there a foreign smell on the outside of the car should be no black smoke, which would give an oil leak in the engine or worse Note. Vehicles do not have the catalysts, they will die, visible smoke before 1977. Eventually taken to ensure that it is good enough, otherwise it can hear a leak in the exhaust system and the engine needs to be a tune-up.

Take the car for a test drive at least 20 minutes, as the most serious problems are so clear. Note: If the seller grows, they can hide many flaws. Select a test, slow and fast as possible to stop driving and speeding straights and curves driving course. Listen to the sounds, squeaks, rattles and other noises. Behaves like the car in corners and over bumps? Is loose or suspension "Sigh", as if it need some repairs? Is driving the car in a straight line, or pull to one side? Have you noticed strange smells in the car when it is in operation? Do all interior accessories (air conditioning, power windows and locks, hood)?

Once you pick up the car and turn the engine off. Making strange noises? Do not forget to take notes, make a list of all the things you have seen, heard, smelled and felt the car during the test drive! Now is the time to ask all your questions. Ask yourself if there are spare parts or tools with the purchase of your classic car the seller. Most sellers have extra parts that they never had time to put on the car. Always ask the seller must include all original car parts (like the factory exhaust manifold) they have taken parts (such as headers).

9. Beware of sharks! There are many "scam" in all areas, including the automotive industry. In addition, many fans list their cars, whether intentionally or not, with misinformation. Put in the time, do your homework, look over a car and did not buy one until someone with experience watching "classic" of your choice. Consider getting an appraiser under the vehicle to the car. You may be able to tell if its been in an accident, or if the engine, transmission and other vital organs not original. Thus, the value of the vehicle will change considerably. Although owning a classic car is much more expensive than other "Used" cars as parts and service charges are higher, bringing the joy of your new addition ... priceless.

10. Put your money where your mouth is! Always use the money in your favor. IE If the seller says that the price is now $ 10,000 to bring money and mention that you have $ 9,000 in cash ... show. So ... Show them the money! The sight of a lot of money is hard to refuse. For most people * smile * mine, see signal interference in your inspection and test drive. Do not try to feel bad about their car the seller, let them know that you noticed errors and are mentally factor into your offer price. NOTE: If you know your car is worth $ 7,000, do not scare the seller with an offer "low ball" than $ 3,000. A smart seller will take you seriously, or you try and exploit and / or discourage insulted. If they are stupid or just desperate ... the paris are open! No matter where you start your auction, always negotiate a good deal. Remember ... every dollar you save directly to buy classic car parts. After all, you do not have to sell it to someone else for your next meeting, at which the seller can give the next 24 hours it. As written, or at least a verbal agreement from the seller

Buying a classic car is often a major investment and should be treated as such. Get all the facts of this particular car before you go, you will feel much better in the negotiation of the purchase price. Make sure you buy the right insurance and safe storage. Collector car insurance is the least expensive option (see our article on car insurance collector). If you own a car, you have a brand new antique lovers make world.

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